L.A. Marathon Fundraiser - Great Success in the Pouring Rain

JHV members and other victims along with District Attorney personnel showed their grit by walking three-mile segments of the of the Los Angeles Marathon in pouring rain on the first day of spring Sunday, March 20, 2011.  They jogged and walked in memory of their loved ones and all victims of homicide. 

It started sprinkling at the end of the first three-mile segment at First St.and Cesar Chavez.   As team members walked along Sunset Blvd. toward Hollywood Blvd., it started pouring and didn't let up much until the end of the race at Santa Monica pier. Cynthia Bejar-Nesseri and her daughters and students were real troopers walking 9 to 12 miles each with clothing soaked and heavy.  We even had a couple of almost 4 year olds participate this year; a big thanks to Gracie Ipsen and Jack Burns who are awesome kids. 

In spite of the horrible cold rain our teams all made it across the finish line and got their medals.  Way to go! Congratulations to Team JHV-JFMC.


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